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Renksan Aluminum Industry and Trade Limited Company has been among the leading companies of the sector in the production of paint and electrostatic powder paint since 1993. With its ever-growing trade volume, Renksan ADA, which proceeds with firm steps towards its goal of dominating the market, has started to establish sales stores operating on aluminum raw materials in order to respond to increasing customer demands.

With a starting retail stores in 2021 to serve Renksan ADA competitiveness in the market to produce high value-added products and services in Turkey and in the world continues to operate without interruption.

Our Vision

As Renksan ADA, we continue to work with the aim of providing world-class service in the Metal Industry by bringing our Aluminum products, which we have brought to our country with domestic and national production, to a global scale with the motto of "discover, create, produce and sell".

Our Mission

When we set out, we provide product support by listening to customer demands in our sales stores within the framework of our vision that we adopt as a principle. We are shaping the imagined in metals by saying "If the subject is Aluminum, your path will definitely come across Renksan ADA"



"Aluminum Solution Center"

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